Arc Position Sensors


CambridgeIC's arc sensor designs measure the angle of targets moving around an arc. Sensors are built using conventional PCB technology, so they are accurate, stable and cost effective.

Arc Position Sensors measure angle with a sensor arranged along an arc.This means the sensor is positioned away from the rotation axis (off-axis angle sensor) so that it does not interfere with mechanical parts along the axis, for example bearings, shafts and gearboxes. Arc sensors are for when the measuring range is less than 360°. By matching the sensor range to the needs of the application, the sensor can be made compact and delivers maximum sensing performance across the measuring range.

Sensors work with CambridgeIC’s Central Tracking Unit (CTU) family of single chip processors to provide high-quality position data to a host device.

Standard sensor designs are available as Sensor Blueprints in Gerber format. This enables a customer's PCB designer to integrate the sensor design with their own PCB. In turn this allows them to select a mounting and connection scheme. It also allows a customer's electronics to share the same PCB as the sensor.

CambridgeIC sells sample quantities of assembled sensors for evaluation and customer prototyping.


These CambridgeIC Arc Position Sensors have a measuring range of 100°. They are available with Sensor Radius from 25mm to 100mm.


Founded in 2007, CambridgeIC has developed single chip processors and a set of standard sensor designs and integration tools. These help customers embed resonant inductive sensing inside their products, by drawing on modular and well proven components.


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