Dial Reading

Resonant inductive sensing is well suited to measuring the angle of dials, in a user interface or performing another function in a machine.

Using CambridgeIC's solution means no contact between sensor and targets and the dials and readers may be housed in separate modules.  So, for example, a fixed reader can read multiple sets of dials as they move round a production process, and each set of dials can be read by multiple readers at different points in the process.

  • Rotary sensors read dial angles
  • Large gaps possible (11mm with 50mm rotary sensor)
  • Tolerant to radial misalignment (2mm with 50mm rotary sensor)
  • Up to 24 settings per dial for a robust system
  • A single CAM204 chip supports up to 4 dials (or 16 with external mux components)
  • Immune to dirt and moisture
  • Simple and robust


Founded in 2007, CambridgeIC has developed single chip processors and a set of standard sensor designs and integration tools. These help customers embed resonant inductive sensing inside their products, by drawing on modular and well proven components.


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